The Deacon Ministry of Beulah Grove Baptist Church


1434 Poplar Street

Augusta, Georgia 30901


Under the leadership of our Pastor, Rev. Xavier Creekmur , and our Chairman William Miller. We are here to serve.


  • Sunday morning devotion
  • Make preparation and serve Holy Communion
  • Make preparation and assist in Water Baptism
  • Visit the Sick and Shut in, bereaved families
  • Serve the congregation, widows and widowers

Congregational Duties

Within Beulah Grove Baptist Church organizational structure, our deacons perform duties to support the congregation. Deacons administer both Lord’s Communion and Believer’s Baptism. Deacons are to be available to members for prayer, guidance. Deacons are also to ensure that the bylaws of the church are properly followed.


Deacons perform community outreach by ministering the gospel outside the church, visiting the sick and homebound, recruiting and receiving new members. Within a congregation, deacons are to set examples of compassion and stewardship. The Deacons also help with educating and nurturing youth within and outside of the church.


Deacons are dedicated caregivers who share in the ministry of concern for the total well-being of God’s people. Likewise, the Deacon Ministry is an extension of the Pastor’s ministry to love and care for the Convent Church Family.  This mission of the Deacon Ministry is defined by, and scripturally upheld in Acts 6:1-4